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I am xoph (short for Christoph)

I live in Seattle in the Pacific Northwest. When I am not designing, I am a father of 2 great kids and a humble husband to an awesome wife. Just like in my profession, I spend my free time making stuff and creative problem-solving. Ask me about my Lego collection — I would love you tell you all about it.


Pixel nudger, button pusher, investigator, tweaker, advocate, listener, and watcher

Graphic Designer turned Production Team Manager turned UX Product Designer.

I've worked in Product, Engineering, Marketing, Agency, and Production — alongside PM's, Engineers, Sales, Marketing officers, Creative Directors, Art Directors, Copy Writers, Designers and Prepress.. It's been a wild ride!

I’ve been a UX design team of one for 6 years. Currently in search of a design team working toward common goals. A mature environment that values design methods, breaking down complex problems, and finding unexpected solutions that delight users.

Truly empathetic design is invisible

Good design is invisible. I apply this principle by practicing deep empathy for real humans to reveal affordances that allow products to be an extension of routines and improve lives. Resolving friction in experiences with too little intentional design (or too much) to ensure nothing gets in the users way.

The principle can be used for more than just design. I extend the same empathy to my teams by listening, watching, and understanding how interactions shape relationships to build the collaborative environment that I thrive on — an environment that promotes results and wellbeing.

I collect design patterns, page templates, and code snippets like they are trading cards

I’m very passionate about the best user experiences and interactive design. I can be found lurking on #uxdesign @Twitter, reading UX Collective, Invision's Inside Design blog, Friends of Figma Slack, and the UX Seattle Slack.

Recently, I built products and supported engineering to drive growth for a bold progressive company, Gravity Payments. At Gravity, I flexed my skills with human-centered product design and user experience design building products for partner API integrations, merchant dashboards, point-of-sale, and e-commerce.

With over 15 years experience in Marketing I've worked closely with teams and stakeholders to provided visual direction, multichannel marketing, print production, web design and development, and team leadership for fin-tech and education providers such as Gravity Payments, ChargeIt Pro, Art Institutes, Kaplan University, Walden University, Ashford University, WGU, and 100+ other institutions across the US, Canada, and the UK.


Defining experiences using UX principles and diagrams, flows, and wireframes

UI interaction design and prototyping

Establishing product vision using research-driven human-centered design thinking.

Leading products from ideation to shipping for applications, web sites, marketing, fulfillment, and print

Visual design for applications, web presence, search & social marketing, email, display ads, and branding


Figma, Sketch

InVision + Studio + DSM, Flinto

Design Systems, Storybook

Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator

Miro, Mural, workshop whiteboard and ideation

HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, React JS, PHP, GIT


Premeir, Audition


Fin-Tech designer experienced in payment facilitating systems and developing reporting

Designer aligned with Dev in an Agile framework

Team leader with employee recruiting and hiring experience

Manager with department budgeting and forecasting experience

Public speaker and presenter

Video editor (when times are tough) and audio engineer for studio recording and live mixing